A&F and M.U.G.E.N.

Ever hear about M.U.G.E.N.? It's a free program by the company called Elecbyte that allows you to create your own 2D fighting game. The amount of characters you want to be in your game is only limited to your computer's memory and almost everything is customizable. Lifebars, powerbars, select screens, you name it. Download characters and backgrounds, or create your own! Use your own voice as the announcer! Create the crossover fighting game you always dreamed of.

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A little preview of what this is like...

A select screen

Versus screen

Original characters against known characters

Er... Frag 2...

Mizuki vs Jedah

Badass vs Badass

Cham Cham vs Mega Man in Green Hell

Cham Cham and Mega Man team up



My first exclusive character, B.B. Hood, made her debut in Darkstalkers 3. She's basically Little Red Riding Hood with a trigger-happy personality. And since Mugen was made, people have been waiting for her to be made. Well, she's finally here! If you want to send some comments or suggestions send them to her creator at: bbhood21@yahoo.com. Check out a few screenshots of her in action and then download her release below! (For MUGEN version 4/14/01. At 2.49mb)

Downloaded B.B.Hood version 2.1 NEW


My collection of backgrounds. Unlike characters, backgrounds are easy to convert to the newer versions of Mugen. All you have to do is sorround the name with quotation marks.

War Agony (B.B. Hood's background) (About 99k)
Green Hell Island Marsh (Cham Cham's SS2 background) (About 224k)
Concrete Cave (About 45k)


A section dedicated to things you can add to Mugen. Including extra palette files and life/power bars. Click on what you'd want to download.

Samurai Shodown 2 fight screen package: By Abster. Modifies the entire fight screen Samurai Shodown 2 style. This is actually part of an add-on package that I'm making which changes a whole buncha things into stuff from SS2. Download this and send me feedback! For Mugen versions 7.31/11.29. (Click on the above image to download.)

Cham Cham's blue pallete: By Abster for Kusiro's Cham Cham. This gets her close but not exactly to her alternate palette in SS2. For 7.31 and 11.29 versions of Mugen.

Capcom vs. SNK lifebars: By Viper Cool. Cool looking life/power bars ripped directly from Capcom vs. SNK screenshots before it was released. For version 7.31 and 11.29.

My Work In Progress

Cham Cham: Now being converted to play like she does in Samurai Shodown 4 Special. It's too bad there isn't a PSX emulator that can pause and advance a frame of a game. It would've been a lot easier this way. Oh well.

Wan-Fu: I've decided to stop him for a little bit. I've had trouble ripping one basic move. In case you haven't noticed, MugenMage has been working on him recently and he's doing a nice job on him. I will make a comeback with this character. I just don't know when.

Gaira: From SS4 Neo Geo. Based off his Slash form. Possibly some Bust moves too. Once I get his basic frames in, his special moves shouldn't be hard.

Shizumaru: This is who I'm working on right now. Also based off of his Slash form in SS4 for the Neo Geo. I have my first beta release of him ready for download below the screenshots.

Download Shizumaru for Mugen 4/14 beta 1

A&F's Mugen Links

Here are a few links I collected that lead to some worthy sites about Mugen.

Elecbyte: The very company that made Mugen, and yet it's still in its beta stage! Download the latest version of Mugen here.

Mugen4ever: One of Mugen's main sites for news and characters.

Mugen Showdown: A shrine for Mugen downloads.

Testp United Forum: Mugen's main Bulletin Board. It's down right now but has many links to other boards. I suggest going either to the Mugen DEV forum or Mugen Nites.

Viper Cool's Page: A page with plenty of palettes for different characters to download. He even has new Mega Man palettes and a new Cham Cham palette. (In a red tiger dress!) It's worth a look.

Maruta's Mugen page: Both a Japanese and English page. Download Mizuki and her background from here. I consider Mizuki to be one of the most accurate characters I've ever seen.

Big Eli King's page: A page of a famous Original Mugen character and a place to download Dark Chun-Li!

NeoGouki's MUGEN Creations: NeoGouki's website. He's a professional for making backgrounds!

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