My favorite Cham Cham pics:
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Cham Cham on Neo Geo Gals Vocal Collection

I've got an mp3 of Cham Cham's track from the Neo Geo Gals Vocal Collection right here! If you want it, send me a request for it! Lyrics (And their English translations) can be found here. Special thanks to Nami Aikawa for providing the English translations. ^_^


Probably one of my favorite types of pictures are the sprites. That way I can put the character in any situation I could think of. Here's a collection of some of my sprites. The rest of the sprites can be found in the Samurai Savage Shrine.

Cham Cham Desktop theme

Basically a Cham Cham desktop theme. Changes around sounds, icons, and gives you a choice of wallpaper to put Cham Cham on your desktop! It's said to work best with X-Theme Manager, a shareware program that can be found on the net.

Download the Cham Cham desktop theme

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